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    1996 Polaris sl 700 water in motor

    Hi new to the world of Polaris wave runners. I just bought a 1996 slt 700 and a sl 700. The guy had the top end rebuilt on the sl last year. The guy I bought it from said it will run with the hose attached out of water just fine but when you run it on the lake it gets water in the motor.... What could be causing this?? Any pointers to problem solve where the water is coming in would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

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    Well the flush kit cools the head then the exhaust but when running in the water it cools exhaust first if youre on salt water maybe you have alot of corrosion at the expanding chamber or maybe you have a foul gasket or orings not sitting right on the head i would check the head first maybe the flush kit doesnt have enough power to go through the small hole. correct me if im wrong thats my knowlage

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    i would start diss assambe the exhaust id go from there working all the way to the heads and jugs

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    I'm willing to be when the guy rebuilt the top end, he pinched one of the head orings & that is where your leak is, very easy to disassemble & check.

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    So I did a compression test and both cylinders were at around 62....I tested the other ski and was at 120. I put some oil in the cylinder and the compression went up to almost 115. So I took the top off 1 cylinder and (I will try to post pics). There was play in the cylinder if I moved the piston. There were chips on the side of the water jacket ports that were above the arrow that was on the piston.

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    The papers that guy gave me said top end rebuild kit +.0.030 oversize, cylinder bore, hone, chamfer, and wash. True cylinder tops(sleeve was lower then aluminum)....
    im assuming that there should not be play with the piston in the cylinder wall??

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    Well by the looks of it that cylinder head is garbage, when chunks of the head are gone it can mean the piston is coming apart and those pieces are leaving holes in the head. Same thing happened to my sl700 when I bought it, the guy rebuilt it and didn't bother to check the carbs and tune it properly so the rear was running way too lean and caused overheating and eventually the piston burnt up and the head looked just like yours is.

    My guess is the guy ran it with the water leak and the piston wasn't getting enough water to cool it.

    The piston may have slight play but the rings should be very tight and lose shouldn't move at all, the piston may a VERY little amount of play, you shouldn't be able to slap it from side to side though.

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    The piston looks to be in good shape, not sure if they rebuilt it and put old head back on....the cylinder walls/jug have some chunks missing and one port has a that junk also?

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    the head is junk,looks to be pieces of the jug missing for the bridge almost right next to the iron sleeve,you probably need new jugs,heads and pistons for both cylinders

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