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    94 sl 750 idling issue

    Hey all. I have my 1994 Polaris SL 750. Have done some work myself (triple outlet pump) and other smaller projects to it but am in NO way an expert. So when im on my ski just idling and the handle bars are centered the ski will Idle at a normal healthy RPMs. If I turn the handlebars to the right the RPMs will increase from about 1100 up to 1400-1500 rpms. If I turn the handlebars to the left then the RPMs will drop down to 800-700 RPMs or sometimes as low as to cause a stall. Now this is happening when its just idling without me touching the acceleration. So, when Im on the ski and am trying to run full speed if I turn left it will bog down from decreased RPMs. Turning right I dont have as many issues, in fact majority of the time turning right its fine.... Anyone have any ideas what might be causing this? Just FYI, I tried to tell this to my wife in causal dinner conversation and her solution was only make right turns on the lake...... sigh

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    Have you checked your throttle cable slack? Watch the end of the cable where connected to the carbs (seat off) while you full lock the steering left and right. See if you detect any throttle changes. Might be easier to look at the throttle butterflies down the carb throats (flame arrestor cover off) when you do this.

    Otherwise perhaps electrical wires getting pinched from the start/stop switch??


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    Holly damn! I'd do what ripcuda suggested. Is your idle set properly? I know there is like no chance but could something be hitting the idle screw that would interfere with it?

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