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    How I killed my 12F ...

    Unknown to me, my 12F developed a small leak around the driveshaft seal/bearing, which was spraying a fine mist of salt water inside the engine compartment towards the airbox air intake. The carb was mixing salty air with the fuel. I did notice some dried salt crystals around the inside of the carb intake and thought that was very strange. After time, the intake valve on #1 cylinder rusted through.

    Well after that, lots of smoke, no power, & dead engine. Cylinder needs major work, needs new piston head, rings, recon. head, gaskets & rebore.

    Cost of the repair = $ 3000 to $ 4000. Ski is only worth $ 3000 to $ 4000 when fixed, therefore she is a write off. Planning to sell the ski & trailer to a wrecker for $ 1200, unless anyone has a better plan. Trailer is worth $ 700 alone.

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    Sell it and get another ski!

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