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    2005 Honda F-12x

    Hi guys

    I am looking at a 2005 F-12x Turbo. I am looking for info on them and peoples' opinions who have them. I am looking for common issues and what to look for when looking at them.

    The ski I am looking at is a 2005, good looking in good shape. Roughly 120 hours. $4500 (CAD) for it and the trailer. the guy said the last 3 seasons he has only put about 30 hours on it. The owner is an older gentlemen if that means anything.

    **Please do not respond if you have not ridden one for a while or own one. I do not need peoples' opinions based on what they hear I would like to hear from people who have owned them. If you are a Sea-doo lover or Yamaha lover please to not let your bias side show. I just want some honest opinions as I need to know. Sunday is when the purchase would be made.

    Thank you

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    I own 2003 F12 and 2006 F12X. The turbo definitely is faster, but comes with more potential issues than the non-turbo. Either will probably need a replacement of the ECM in it's lifetime. I have replaced my 2003, but not my 2006 yet, which has about 235 hours on it. It seems to be less common on 2005+ models where the ECM was relocated to a better position, but I have a friend that just had a failure on a 2007 F12X with half the hours of mine.

    The second most common problem with turbo skis is a sticking wastegate actuator. The actuator itself is inexpensive, but labor is a pain, as with most anything inside a PWC. If the turbo area is properly lubed with CRC 6-56 spray before each ride, then you should not have the issue, but few people do this until after they have the problem. The actuator is just under the large top exhaust pipe, look at it with a mirror. If you are not near salt water, and the ski has been stored inside or away from moisture, then it's probably OK. If the turbo parts look really rusty, then be ready for a repair.

    The 3rd most common problem with a turbo ski is that the water passages in the exhaust manifold hold a small amount of cooling water and will corrode through the walls into the exhaust passage. This becomes an issue on turbo skis because it will allow water into the exhaust path, which then goes into the turbo and into the engine oil because the oil seals on the turbo shaft are not water-tight. The water also sprays into the cylinders. The manifold is pricey, and not so easy to replace. If the ski has been in salt water and not always flushed properly after use, then it is much more likely to develop this problem. If no salt, then probalby not something to worry about. There is no way to visibly check this.

    The last thing to look at is the pump. The inner liner of the pump housing is a stainless insert in a dissimilar metal casting. The liner can swell out, and seems to be worse if the ski is actually not used. It will hit the impeller and cause damage to both. Look for strange smooth spots around the inside wall of the pump, probably easier to do laying down under the ski from the intake with a flashlight.

    Each of these issues will run you about $1000 repair, or more depending on labor charges.

    The only other thing I will note about the turbo ski is that it has significant turbo power lag in stock form. After going to a Stage 2 kit, it's mostly gone.

    If this ski is in really good visible condition, being stored inside or covered, and has not been run in salt water without proper care, and does not show any of these common problems, then the price seems fair. Ride it for about 30 minutes at speed before buying. This will ensure that the turbo is kicking properly, the ECM is not bad, and listen for any strange noise or vibration from the rear ( a rattling sound at first start is normal, hit the gas a little and it goes away). If the ECM is going out, it may not show signs until after 20 minutes of riding from cold start, then it will suddenly go into limp mode.

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    Agreed own a 2006 F12X exhaust manifold failed and have to change now the part is $700.00. Salt water runs but used Salt Away after every ride, just seems to be an issue. On a positive note while the other skis are gobbling gas you will go almost twice as far.

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