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    Is it Possible to use an outboard engine....

    I have a 2003 SUV, and like most SUV's its a 2-stroke and I know for the most part 2-strokes are fairly reliable. However I know someday the engine will die, and when that time comes I would like to change the two stroke over to a four stroke.

    Well i got to thinking the other day. I have seen outboards in the 200+ horsepower range and in a four stroke design. I have also noticed they are fairly compact. Since I have never torn an outboard engine apart. I thought I might the genral populus whether this might a way to do things???

    I have also given thought to using other a water cooled motorcyle engine but have a machine shop shave the transmission off....or use a little four banger engine out of a honda civic or even a Eco-tec out of a Cobalt....

    Anyways....just someting to discuss and se what oher people have thought of too. I know there are somvery creative people on this site nd elsewhere in the world soI just wanted to ask.

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    Just drop a Sea Doo 4tec motor in it

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