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    Xl1200ltd rebuild direction

    Hi guys,
    I have been reading and learning a lot from this forum in the last couple of months. I recently purchased a good running XL1200 ltd that during memorial weekend decided to bite the dust. Cyl. #2 is shows 0 compression.

    Jet ski has multiple add-ons from D-plate to FA with Osidebill carb recommendation. Running premix 50:1 on 93 octane with 130 psi stock milled heads. Pump sealed with ride plate and grate. 13/19 impeller. It was running a strong 60 mph in light chop. It has been completely rebuild 30-40 hours ago with SBT sleeves.

    The first sing of something being wrong was when my Brother in law was doing tight turns and when he let go of the gas the jet ski died on him. Gas tank was way down. It did not start right away it took about 10 second before the jetski would crank again. He didn’t think much of it until it happened again. So he came in. Having a 1100 wave venture that sometimes can stall with full throttle to off throttle I didn’t think much of it. About 1 hour after that I used the jet ski. Did a quick full throttle out the bay. Got to 55 mph top speed and started bugging. I brought the ski straight to the boat ramp. When I get home I get 130 psi cyl #1, 0 psi Cyl#2 and 130 psi Cyl #3.

    Well now I have to track down the failure. It must be a lean condition, motor air leak or water ingestion. It runs premix so don’t think oil starvation would be an issue. I want to check for motor air leak before disassembly but need to setup the equipment (all info in how to’s). There seems to be “Stuff in the cylinder” probably shavings of something. Spark plug was dark gray. Not wet (indicating lean?). What sings should I look for to determine water ingestion? Anything else I should be looking at?

    What’s Next:
    I basically narrow it to 3 options.

    • Bore cyl. and replace piston that burnt with oversized from SBT. (Cheapest route). Will this last long?
    • Cyl. Exchange from SBT asking for Nikasil cylinders (Verified and they do have them). Will this last any longer than sleeves?
    • Buy Lowells 1300 66v package for $1850 which includes cyl., Pro-X pistons, porting, heads and all gaskets. (it is out of budget...)
    • Whichever route I go I will fix root problem (prob carbs?)
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    Might add in there Bore all cyl. not just the one and go with wiseco 81mm piston. Any recommendation in gasket kit for top end?

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    After reading some more Pro-X would be a better option for me since I am recreational rider that wouldn't want to have to worry about warming up ski before use. Where could I get some of the PRO-X pistons? Seems hard to find prices on them.

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    I have a raider 1100 triple and I just rebuilt my top end due to that middle cylinder melting down. Mine was a low hour (5 hrs to be exact) sbt remanufactured engine. Dirty screens in the carb seem to have been the culprit. The pistons were already 1.00 mm over WSM only went to 1.0mm so I had to go with and SBT top end rebuild kit for $365...the kit came with everything. 1.5mm over pistons circlips wrist pins wristpin bearings and all gaskets needed for reassembly. If you are not an octopus.....have fune squeezing all the rings on three pistons at the same time while putting the jugs back maybe your cylinders are different. But the SBT pistons looked to be decent quality......

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    I am thinking I can do the exchange program and get 1300 top end. I would need to send my heads to get worked on to fit the 84mm piston... but this might be an easy alternative to give a bit more power.

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    Unless they just started carrying them, SBT does not carry nikasil plated cylinders. They resleeve the originals with a steel sleeve. Check and be sure. IMHO I have no problem with steel sleeves. Will they last longer? The answer is of course no. Will they last as long as nikasil if properly cared for? Probably. Can they be rebored later if something happens by chance? ABSOLUTELY! For the money, I can't justify the nikasil, unless I get a deal on some used cylinders, or a customer requests them. And a steel sleeve is usually bored standard. But once again just so we are clear....this is JUST MY HUMBLE OPINION! Other opinions differ, no sense in flaming me!

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    Ended up getting a pretty good deal on a 66v 1300 big bore top end on ebay. Will probably have a build thread.

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