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    2012 Ultra LX Questions!

    This is my first post here so hopefully I can get some help!

    i have always taken my 2012 Kawasaki Ultra Lx jet ski to get an oil change at the dealer but I was wanting to do it myself this time, I had some questions.

    1. I know it uses 10w40 oil, but should I put conventional oil? Synthetic oil? Is motorcycle oil okay? What is the best oil recommended that you can purchase at Walmart, pep-boys, etc.

    2. What oil filter should I use for this jet ski? That can also be purchased at the stores names above.

    Ive searched through the forum but haven't found an answer that will make me feel confident about doing the oil change my self! Thanks!

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    10-40 Full snyth. I use Mobil 1.
    I use OEM filter. 3 online are only 32 bux. That's good for 150 hours. (3 changes)

    1. Warm ski up just a bit.
    2. level attitude, slight nose down if anything.
    3. Evacuate all oil.
    4. Put rag down by where filter is to catch dribbles.
    5. Remove and change filter.
    6. Replace with 5 qts fresh oil.
    Then go have fun on the ABSOLUTE BEST and MOST RELIABLE rec ski made.
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    try reading the owners manual it states the exact answers you are asking, it lists oil requirements and amount. just buy an oem filter it wont break the bank..

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    Thanks for the help! One last question, where do you get your 3pack OEM for $32? that's a good deal!

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    AMSOIL oil & filter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Livin on the Edge View Post
    AMSOIL oil & filter.

    Ditto, only the best for me.

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    Hey, I just purchased a 2011 Ultra LX. Can you tell me what mods you have done to get yourself 60 mph? I would love to know, I want to start doing some upgrades.

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    That last message was meant for Livin on the edge.

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    I own that exact ski and I love it. I do my oil changes myself. Invest in an oil extractor. I also use the OEM filter. The oil you use is going to be debated till the end of time. I use conventional oil and change it every 25 hours. I just don't use any oil that has a bunch of additives in it. The biggest cost of your first oil change it the coast of the extractor, but its well worth it. it's an easy job. Good luck. Side note: the guys on here know their stuff and are a great help with the info they give.

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