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    97 STX 1100 Fuel Filter

    I just bought a 97 STX 1100 that hasn't run in 8 years. I have searched this sight high and low and found a tremendous amount of helpful information. However, I can't seem to find any information on a fuel filter cross reference number??? Has anyone been able to figure out an aftermarket replacement from Napa/AutoZone/Advance Auto/etc. etc? It's more of a convenience for me than a cost saving measure. Thanks for any help.

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    Welcome aboard, Sethro!

    If it's got the original filter, it should be clear. You can remove it and backflush it to clean it.

    The pickups inside the fuel tank also have screens, for some stupid reason. They can get plugged or break apart.

    Word to the wise, pull one of the hoses off the front cover (underneath the oil pump) and gently blow through it. I've seen a couple of them get plugged up. You might end up taking the front cover off and cleaning it. While you're in there, replace the two bearings on the oil pump drive. You can get the bearings for a lot less money locally than from Kawasaki, get a pair of 6901 2RS bearings. You'll need to replace the O-rings on the cooling chamber cover plate.

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    Thanks steve45. Your experience and wisdom is quite evident on this site. It is greatly appreciated that you share your knowledge. There is what seems like a lot of pressure building up in the fuel tank. Is that normal? When I remove the cap it almost blows the cap out of my hand if I'm not prepared. So I took the vent line off and sure enough it was plugged. Blew some air through that but it still seems to pressurize so it must be normal?

    I think I should start a new thread with my journey. I picked it up last Saturday and got in running Sunday. First 40-50 minutes of the water test was absolutely too good to be true. Barely a hiccup, but it's now developed the dreaded stall/cut out at high rpm.

    It was not the original filter, as it was a paper element inside a clear canister...but I found a suitable replacement (I think) at advance auto. I'll post the number if it works.

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    dump the paper filter. you can usually find some inline mesh style filters at most auto parts stores.

    tank pressure can be must have some good gas there!, but certainly check the vent and inlet check valves for the tank ( use parts diagram to ID them in that rats nest of hoses in there)

    The OEM k filter is $ stated, it can almost always be cleaned up like new.

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    Steve I'd imagine the purpose of the tank filters is to stop crap getting stuck in the fuel tap assembly
    As others have said, any automotive inline filter will be sufficient, just match up the hose sizes and away you go

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