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    96 SLT780 general questions

    Another newbie here, I'm picking up my first ski this weekend, getting from a family member who has had it professionally maintained and winterized. I have a few gereneral questions:
    What do I need to do to get this thing ready for the water. How reliable are these Polaris skis? Is this a good Ski? (is it going to be a money pit?). Can I tow this behind my runabout without swamping it?
    Any and all comments are welcome.
    Thanks, Ryan

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    Hey r8, WELCOME to the Green Hulk Forums.
    If you use the SEARCH bar to the left and put in 780 engine, you'll find info regarding how reliable that particular Fuji is.
    As usual on most Polaris early year PWC, check the SEAT SEAL!!
    Water is your enemy!!

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    Thanks, I've just started doing searches and such. Im very exited about the new ride. Ill check the seat seal first thing. I'm going to get a manual also. I plan all doing all my own maintenence. I'm an electromechanical engineer by trade. I work on industrial machines. I also have experience with 2stroke motorcycle engines. Other than rebuilding a rotax motor out of an old sea doo for a friend, I have no experience with with pwc. Thanks again.

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