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    Price check on isle 3, 2004 GP1300

    Hey all. Looking to get my first ski. I come from a MX/road bike back ground.

    Found this gp1300. Talking to the owner, it sounds like she doesntnknow what she has or is the ultimate scammer. Im going with sweet older lady.

    She's got the ski as a 06, its a 04 right? Priced just a few hundred $3800-$3900?

    Anything to know about these?

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    As you are aware, it is not an 06. 175 hrs is not low time for these skis. About normal though. If all is well (compression, starting, RPMs under load, and very clean condition), the price should be about $3,000 to $3,800. add trailer max @ $4K Good Luck

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    that looks to be a carbureted ski... so its probably an 01 or 02

    old style inst cluster, choke lever, and it has metal tabs. 03+ had none of that

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    That's a 2002 GP1200r


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    I called her again and she claims on the title it shows 2006.

    Something's not right.

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    Shes wrong. Even if everything checks out compression wise and it's in good condition I wouldn't give her a dime over 3k. I paid 3k for mine 5 years ago and it was mint with 113 hours. And when I say mint it was mint.

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    Yeah I'm moving on. Something is fishy. I've found a nice 2001 gp1200 that I'm picking up Saturday, can't wait.

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    yeah..that's a rare sighting of a Chinese made Yamaha copy0ski.

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