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    Should I purchase two 2015 Yamaha FX Cruiser SVHO's or one of them and an FZS SVHO?

    We currently have two 2014 Yamaha FX Cruiser SHO's. Our lake, Lake Saint Clair (Detroit), is a large lake with rougher waters. We love the feel of the larger FX Cruisers, however is it worth it to purchase an FZS SVHO and FX Cruiser SVHO as opposed to just two FX's? Is the FZS really THAT much faster than the FX Cruiser SVHO? Haven't driven either but I know both are faster than the current SHO's we have. My gut tells me that the FZS won't handle the rough water that well. Looking for input from people who have driven the new SVHO's.



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    Only if you don't mind having an unstable ride with a lot of nose bounce at high speeds.

    I honestly think it is totally up to your application. I've had both over the last 6 years and I will say hands down get two FX-SVHO!!! They're by far more stable in both the ruff and smooth waters and you will get cruise assist as well as no Wake mode. You will also get RiDE on the fx!!!

    having said that one can never havevenough wave runners!!!

    Good luck with your purchase, Julio...

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    The FZS can handle the rough water as well (Just get hims ride plate cut or the R&D ride plate) but you will have a much more athletic ride.

    I have no problem keeping up with the FX and Seadoo riders when we are in the rough water. If you know someone with an FZ or a dealer willing to demo (might even have a demo day in your area) I would try it out before you buy it to see if you like it.

    As far as speed. The FZ can be be made to go much faster easier. An FZ with SCOM, Intake manifold upgrade and a pitched impeller can do 75mph easy.

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    I never rode the new FXSVHO but have ridden the FX SHO & FZ SHO I know the power/weight isn't quite the same. With that being said my new FZ SVHO is night and day different in power and handling/feel from those two stock for stock. I personal would get one of each. Think you will be very pleased if your okay with not having all the bells and whistles that come on the FX model. My FZ is just about as play full and performance/handling characteristics then my mod. RXP-X, the ride in rough water is much smoother on the FZ. Hope this helps, good luck with your purchase.

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    One of each is my vote!! FX will never be as fast as an FZ when fully modded. I've had both and feel the fx handles better but the acceleration on the modded FZ is much better.

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    I'd say you really need to ride one in your water conditions to see if it's worth it. If you just want to go faster, you can do some modding to what you have. I honestly think an FX with some bolt-ons gives you the best of both worlds for speed and rough water.

    My .02

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    Many thanks everyone, I think a test drive will truly settle my mixed thoughts. The input I received so far was beyond helpful!!

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