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    2005 yamaha gp800r bogging from idle. Help please


    I have a gp800r . I bought the ski as a non runner with just 60 hrs. Compression perfect
    Just re built cars with winder is a carb kits,,installed primer and converted to premix
    Had the ski out on water and it bogs badly from idle. It drives fine at high revs

    When rebuilding the cards I switched out the gold arm spring to the silver in the kit. This brought my pop off pressure down from 95 psi to 70 psi. Would this cause the bog ?

    Do I need to re jet when going to premix?
    I have stock air box.
    I am 1 3/4 turns out on low adjusters
    What is the best way to tune this thing down low?
    Getting frustrated taking everything apart again, going to the water to find the ski runs cap from idle
    Any help greatly appreciated

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    turned out to be the acc pump

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