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    '96 XP 800: Aftermarket handlebars and finger throttle?

    Hello, I am looking to buy aftermarket bars and a finger throttle. I'd LIKE to keep it under $100, if possible. Was thinking about Renthal fatbars with adapter/risers. Are guys using an ATV bend? Motocross bend? Also, what finger throttle? Can you use a BMX shorty brake lever, or is it way better to use a SeaDoo specific throttle lever?

    Thanks so so much for the help!

    Nik C.

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    I've used shorty BMX levers in the past. There is generally some modification involved as the angle of pull is wrong, better off here buying a PWC lever. On the bars I would think any 7/8 bar should work but the uncovered stock steering head is sort of unsightly.

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    Yep I ran just bars for a bit and it wasn't any different than the stock bars except the finger throttle. Once I went full UMI I saw the light!

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