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    Anyone seen this happen before?

    My jetski was taking on a ton of water. I pulled the intake grate off my ski and found a decent size hole worn through the fiberglass by the propeller right before the wear ring. Anyone ever have something similar happen? For the whole story read on..

    First of all ill give a brief introduction as this is my first post here. Im Chris from RI I purchased a 2001 Yamaha gp1200r in the middle of winter out of CT expecting I could get a deal in the off season. This guy seemed fairly trustworthy and being that it was one military member selling to another I figured he'd have some integrity. We started it and it ran flawlessly. This is my first ski so even though I consider myself to be fairly mechanically inclined I wasn't sure what to look for as far as problem areas go. He said it ran and drove great and I watched it run so I took a look at the hull and engine compartment and I was sold! Keep in mind that any nearby water was frozen solid so I was putting a lot of trust in this guy.

    Fast forward a few months to late April I get some active orders to go on a TDY to Georgia. Anxious to try the jetski out at least once before I leave I take advantage of the barely 60degree weather to test it in the lake. Bad news, she takes on a ton of water. Thinking back on it now im surprised I didn't hydro lock the motor. When I pull it out of the water I can see that its all draining from the pump area so I removed the intake grate and noticed the hull directly before the wear ring was worn pretty badly. Stuck my hand in there and it was even worse then I could see the hull actually wore completely through. Im assuming a rock or something must have at one point gotten caught in the propeller but it almost looks like the propeller moved forward and chewed up the fiberglass instead of the wear ring.

    im going to attempt to repair the fiberglass when I get back in july.
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    If you have some pictures of the area it would help if you are looking for answers.

    Thank you for your service.

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    Unfortunately I wasn't able to disassemble it any further before I left but ill be back june 27th to get a better look. With everything together it was difficult to see. Thank you for the support.

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