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    Looking to purchase these.. Does it look like a good purchase?
    I'm new to jet skis help me out please? Is this a decent price?

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    Thats a good price for sure. Id jump on it.

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    I checked these out about two weeks ago. They seem to have been well maintained. Good luck with the deal. Ponyboy, where are you located?

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    100 hours is when the SC on the RXP-X needed rebuild I believe. You may want to see if that has occurred. Others here can tell me if I'm off, but if I recall it was because of ceramic spacers that would fail and end up as FOD in the engine.

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    Have the dealership plug them in and make sure nothing is wrong also. Sounds like a very good deal

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    Looks like a very good deal.

    I'd go look them over. Ask if the superchargers have been rebuilt(good chance they won't know since they might have been used as a trade in on a car). Being the age and hours both should have them done if they haven't. Also won't hurt to do a compression test on them and visually check the wear rings and props. Also see if they'll let you test drive them that can tell you a lot.

    Offer 9000, the money saved will cover the rebuilt superchargers if you send them into Jerry. Either way a solid deal if they don't come down much. Even if you got them 9.5K and stuck $700 to 1K into each of them to get them in tip top shape you'd still be looking at good deal and hopefully years of trouble free riding.

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    Speaking of SCs, I questioned him about whether or not they had been rebuilt/overhauled and he did not know because, as skylolow has stated, they were used as a trade-in on a car. FYI - They have been there for about 30 days, so that might work in your favor also.

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    Skis do seem to sell cheaper down here, but that is still a good deal. My guess is you may get them for 9300-9500. The trailer alone is worth $900-$1000.

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    Yeah somebody traded them in for a pontoon boat and the SC haven't been rebuilt so I'll get that done on both as soon as I get them. I'm picking them up tomorrow and everything else was in real good shape.. And @ shacho I live in Baldwin County Alabama. And I was thinking of doing a few upgrades to the 255 any suggestions

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    If you need any help let me know I livein Fairhope.

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