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    MSX150 waste gate issue?

    Seems to be a bit of a problem where the waste gate rod connects to the turbo. Check the pics. Is this welded or is there some type of bushing or bolt that is missing? Any advice on how to fix it would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    Unfortunately it's welded on. You will need to pull the manifold off to repair it.

    I have one for sale if you run into trouble.

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    Darn. Yeah, Kosh is right, that's a weld spot and yours is broken. I'd bet your wastegate (inside the manifold) seized and the actuator kept trying to move it and eventually broke at the weld.

    Sadly, you will have to go through all the painful motions of removing the engine... so you can lift it and rotate it ~60 degrees counter-clockwise... in order to get the exhaust manifold off. It rides on long studs off the head and cannot be removed with the engine sitting normally as it does.

    Maybe a skilled welder could attempt a spot weld fix??? Might be worth a try before removing the engine. Problem would be ensuring it gets welded on in the correct alignment for the wastegate. If it was a clean break, perhaps you can see exactly how it was previously positioned on the wastegate stud sticking up. But be aware... the wastegate is probably seized and will still need to be unstuck (penetrating oil and patience)... which would make the whole deal trickier.

    Good luck. Cheers!

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