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    Adding reverse to a GP1300R? Is it realistic?

    What is needed to add reverse to a GP1300R or is it even possible? I would think the parts would come from an XLT but I am not real up to date on the parts needed for the conversion.

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    People use to do it... I bet one of them will chime in.
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    You would need an 2004+ FXHO pump, which is exactly the same HO pump in the GP1300r but with the addition of the reverse gate. Bolts right in.

    How would you actuate it? No freaking clue.

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    I believe it has been at least tried before....I don't remember the outcome. You would need an XLT nozzle that the bucket mounts to, the bucket itself, and all the reverse linkage and cables. I think the cables need to be shortened if I'm remembering correctly and I'm not sure how the lever was mounted. If you didn't want to run a 3° 87mm XLT nozzle, you'd have to drill and tap the 5° 85mm GPR nozzle so the bucket could mount.

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    pretty cool but not much use. I thought about it for a while but then, over the course of a summer I took notes of how many times I would have used it .
    Get a gps speedo much more useful .

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