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    1995 sl 750 slipping causing over rev

    Ok, I read thru 112 pages on the Greenhulk Polaris Forum and still not convinced I got my answer. I have a 1995 SL 750 that runs great but started acting up on me. It feels like I have the clutch engaged causing a lack of acceleration and an over rev from a stand still. It will eventually accelerate but I know something is wrong. This problem seems to get worse the longer I ride it as the machine heats up. I took the drive coupler, impeller, drive shaft, etc. apart and nothing seems worn but I really did not know what I was looking for. What do I look for? What are some things that might be happening? Thanks!

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    You need to check the impeller to wear ring clearance. .010 or less is ideal, probably ok at .015. Also need to check the through hull seal. If its sucking air into the pump through the through hull seal that can be a problem. Check that the ride plate is properly sealed to the hull.

    Check both ends of the drive shaft. The splines may be worn and slipping. Check the inside of the coupler and inside the prop. DO NOT stick your finger in there!!!! If there are metal shavings they will stick or cut your finger. It does not feel good.

    If your engine is revving up properly, these are all of the things to check.

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    Spline was worn out on engine side due to misalignment of engine...visible to naked eye once I knew what to look for. I see Matrix is banned but I want to thank him for response if he still looks on.

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