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    A short chat with DFI on my EMM

    Mainly called to confirm they had the EMM, he said they tested it, a bad Micro processor, think that's what he said, ugh I napped out, after conversation, and it will be about 10 days before getting repaired, would that be considered a long time, or are those EMM's quite complex. I've no reason to doubt them, and have heard of good results from them, and I guess It's going to hurt huh, about 4 to 6 hundred should I expect? Sure hope she runs like a striped ape again, after fix? Haven't really missed any riding weather, record rainfall in Oklahoma, and too much debris on the water!

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    I think DFI is around 600 bucks. As far as I know they makes fixes and upgrades to all parts they are aware of there being problems with. Your EMM should come back better than new.

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    Never been let down by DFI. I diagnose a bad emm, send it to them, get it back, put it in the ski..mission accomplished.

    everybody wins.

    using an AGM battery is know to reduce the effect a emm repair has on your wallet.

    From the skis I've fixed nearly every single one had a half full l/a battery in it when it came in

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    I also use them for evinrude ficht emm repair. Never any issues never had any come back

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    Will look for a AGM battery, when installing the EMM, the water lines, replacing both, does the line that goes to the "T" fitting, go to the left side of the EMM? and the right side, go to the line running back? When I start it up, can you feel water flow? Last thing I want to do, is fry my newly repaired EMM!

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    I've had lots of problems with them. Never had a failure after repair but they've had an emm I sent them for more than 4 months and they never answer the phone. I've also had quite a few come back claiming to not have any problems. After mailing it back to them once or twice, they finally fix it

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    Hoping I don't fall into that pit triple G. Getting the EMM in late summer would be No bueno! was a little surprised, after he told me they tested it, identified problem, then told me it would be about a week or two? I don't know their work load, nor how long it takes or painstaking it is, so I'm going to remain optimistic!

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    some guys have added an external pisser for the emm outlet which give peace of mind knowing that the water is flowing.

    I'm getting ready to send a couple in, so we'll see how it goes this time.

    I've never had to send one back, but I imagine it can easily happen.

    There's some stuff floating around about the home garage emm fix.

    I'd attempt some of it if it was my emm that was bad,

    But I can make a good buck by just sending them out and not have to worry about being an expert in emm science
    to get folks back on the water. I know just enough to send it out at the correct point.

    No starts seem to be the simple fix, injector or other issues require more finesse

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