I have a Yamaha Exciter 270 (2 1200 NonPV engines). I blew up the rear cylinder on one engine (my guess is a bad rear crank seal since OSideBill rebuilt carbs a few years ago). Anyway, I have the engine torn out and the cylinders have already been bored and honed by a race engine builder and I have a set of Wiesco pistons to match the bore. I also have the seals that need replaced. Only thing I am missing is the gaskets and the time to finish this project. Everything is torn down, but I have not split the cases. I am looking for anyone in my area that does this kind of work. I just do not have the time right now but want to use the boat hopefully on my vacation the last week of June. Anyone know a good 2 stroke mechanic in this area that may be willing to take this project on? Thanks!