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    Help!!! Deciding between two waverunners

    I'm looking to purchase a pair of wave runners and have come down to two choices:Two 2007 Yamaha FX High Output Waverunners


    Two 2012 Yamaha VX Deluxe Waverunners

    Both are relatively the same price, but thats not the issue. Both also have low hours (130 on 2007 and only 20 on the 2012) so I really can't decide on which ones. What are some of the specs that would one would consider in each of these (top speed, storage space, reverse feature, etc.)

    This is my first post and I would appreciate any help I from any of you!!

    Thanks in advance

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    They are basically the same ski is there extended warranty on the 2012's, they go about the same speed 55 to 58 and where do you plan on riding them?

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    I'm not sure on the warranties but I plan on taking them into the ocean as I live in Florida. What about feature wise? Does one have more than the other?

    Thanks for your help

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    I can't help you on the 2007 FXs but I have the 2012 VX deluxe. Bought it new and now have 160 hours with no problems. Just do the normal service. The intermediate bearing grease fitting is a pain. I just unbolt the computer box for easy access. The deluxe has a stepped seat but not as much as the cruiser seat. You'll have mechanical reverse and a boarding step. It should have a key fob for low power mode and a security lock out so it can't be started. The gauges are just speed, rpm, and fuel. There is a high temp and low fuel light along with a beeping sound if your not watching. It's good on fuel with 7gal/hour at full throttle. Normal cruising at 35-40 will be @5gals. Your fuel tank is 15.9gals. Top speed via gps is 53-54. It's a lighter ski at 745lbs. I ride in lake Erie and 6ft. rollers are fun but over 1ft. chop will just start to pound you a bit. It's not bad and you can run wide open. 3 footers and your back to cruising at low 30s. It's rated at 110hp. I picked up a leftover 2013 VXR this Spring, pretty much same hull, but with the 180hp engine. Big difference in power and I have learned how to ride it using that power. The VX deluxe is a very forgiving ski. Not sure what your ocean riding will be like but most members here advise the newer versions of the FXHO with 180hp engine is much better in rougher water along with the ski being bigger and heavier. The 2007 FX I don't believe is the same as recent year models.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erierunner View Post
    It should have a key fob for low power mode and a security lock out so it can't be started.
    Do you know how fast it will go in low power?

    Also, thanks for the help!

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    The FX HO skis will be a much better ride (less bouncy and wet). My brother owns one of each (they are also 2007s), and both my wife and his refuse to ride the VX, because of the more bouncy and wet ride. The FX HO will also have more storage space, and feel more stable for new riders.

    The FX HO will also be about 5 mph faster (53 mph for the VX versus 58 mph for the FX HO).

    The VX will give the best fuel economy, but not earth shattering compared to the FX HO.

    Both skis use the same basic MR-1 engine, so maintenance is identical for both, and not that hard to do yourself. Just don't overfill the oil, which is easy to do unless you are familiar with dry sump oil systems.

    The 2007 FX HO is a different beast than the later model FX HOs that Yamaha is selling now. Yamaha changed the design and engine in 2009, so don't get confused when looking at reviews of the newer skis. The 2009 and later FX HO has a different hull design and a larger (1.8L engine), than that found on the 2007 FX HO. The VX is basically the same ski since it was first released around 2005. They did upgrade them in 2010, but the 2012 has the same engine and hull design as the original skis.

    Both are good skis, but I would not hesitate to get the FX HOs over the VXs any day of the week.

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    Sorry but I have no clue on the speed in low power mode. Never used it. As far as storage, the VX Deluxe has 15gals in the nose and a little glovebox that can hold two cans or bottles of your favorite drink along with say a wallet and cellphone.

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    Thanks for all the help

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