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    Upgraded Supercharger Washers?

    Today, I finally got around to pulling my supercharger so I could get it sent out to be rebuilt. When I started the process I noticed some copious amounts of grease had been placed around the mating surfaces around the supercharger so that intrigued me. Nonetheless, I carried on.

    Once I got the supercharger out I was surprised to see that I think whoever previously owned my ski had already done it! I bought it from the second owner who didn't know much about it but it seems the original took better care if it than I thought.

    Just to confirm with you guys though; Do I already have upgraded metal washers? I read the ceramics were a greenish tint and that these could be the SeaDoo metal ones which are bronze?

    No gaps or anything too, so it seems as though I may have wasted some money on the rebuild kit I just purchased for it hahah.

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    Those are 1st generation Seadoo metal washers.....those are the older style that were still known to have issues....How many hours on the Charger rebuild??If its close to 100 or over 2 years you might really concider rebuilding the whole thing to be on the safe side...

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    Agree with Snoman, these were the stepping stone fix between the nightmare ceramic and the final solution. These 'gold' washers were a million times better than the ceramic BUT still had failures, but to a much lesser degree. They were only around a short time 08/09 ish.

    if you have bought the kit and pulled the charger, just rebuild it. You don't know how long theses washers have run or not run. It's cheap insurance at this stage.

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    A supercharger with those gold washers is long overdue for a rebuild.

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