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    96 ZXI 750 Engine trouble???


    I have a 96 zxi 750 and last year had it on the lake only for a short time. 60 minutes maybe. It stopped and would not start again. Brought it to the shore, tried to jump with Auto, Took battery out of another ski and it would not turn over properly.

    When I click the start button the shaft would only turn about a quarter of an inch each click, then, the motor would turn over once and then just 1/4 turns.

    I replaced the starter, still, click and 1/4 turn etc just like before. Took the plugs out did not help.

    Took the jet pump off thinking that was the problem but, the jet pump was fine. I sprayed penetrating oil in the spark plug holes, walked away for a bit. Got a friend to show him to see what he thought. I only had jumper cables on the cables. At first when I clicked it was the same. then, I held the jumper more firmly on the positive cable and clicked. The motor turned over properly.

    I don't know if the reason it wouldn't start properly was a starter problem and when replaced, the problem was the same because I was using jumper cables rather than a battery.

    I don't know if the penetrating oil played a part.

    I bought a new battery and started it up today. It started, I ran it only for a few seconds.

    My concern at this point is, What if it was a lack of oil that caused it to have a problem in the first place? The reservoir was full but I am wondering if there is a chance the oil did not reach the motor and caused the engine to cease a little?

    Does the engine get it's oil from the reservoir (I always assumed it did, or was told it did) is there more I need to be doing about adding oil to the engine? It has been very good ski the last 9 seasons. I just don't want to take it back on the water and blow the engine simply by assuming it was the starter that was possibly bad.

    Any ideas?

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    Id start by doing a compression test. It it did seize in the top end this will show the story
    The oil tank is used for oil injection, to lubricate the engine.
    A lot of people disconnect the oil injection system and manually mix the oil with the fuel. This just reduces the number of things that can break.
    If you are going to keep the oil injection you'll want to check all the oil hoses and replace them if they are originals.

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    I will try that. Just didn't wanna take it out if not getting oil. I am going to inspect the lines.

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    When you took the spark plugs out, and took the jet pump out, did you bother to turn the crankshaft?

    Sounds like it's seized to me.

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