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    gp1200 (65u) keeps throwing flywheel off

    I have a 98 gp1200 (65u) that blew the pto cylinder and grenaded the motor. Anyways, I sent the motor out to pwc engines and had it rebuilt as it had too extensive of damage for me to feel comfortable repairing. I pulled the o.e. flywheel off before sending it to them and it was quite tight but came off with a puller, just as many others that I had done. I put the motor back together with a new key and off to the lake it was. It was running perfect but when idling back in it died abruptly and when i tried to re-start it it had a off sound. I pulled the mag cover and found the flywheel backed off slightly and rubbed the stator through the windings. I figured I didnt seat it fully and cranked it back on with alot of red lock tight to the point of being afraid of snapping the bolt and bought a new stator. Took it out again and it ran for a solid 2 hours but when idling in it threw the flywheel completely off this time and sheered off the key. I re-checked it and the flywheel slides on by hand until the flywheel is about a 1/4 of an inch from being flush with the crank nose, and then has to be ran on with the bolt the rest of the way. Is this normal or should it be a tight fit all the way on?

    Any thoughts on how in the hell this this is coming off?????? I ordered another flywheel for laughs and giggles to see if it is possibly the flywheel taper that is bad. Any suggestions are gratefully welcomed. Its killing me buying a 150.00 stator every time I run this thing.

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    The only thing I can think of .... are you torqueing the bolt nut to the correct ft/lbs. This is very critical. Good Luck

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    Torque it correctly.

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    Ok, will get a better torque wrench for this time around. I set it to what ever the manual called for the first time but it was a cheap-0 hazardous freight wrench. The second time my emotions got the best of me and was done by hand. Will see what happens when the flywheel and key show up.

    also, I ohmed out my stator and it dosnt appear to have had any winding damage, it just scraped the insulation off. Is there any thing I can put back over it to protect it or should I just leave it as is and hope for the best?

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    You can coat the windings with some silicone or spray paint, even nail polish. Get some valve grinding compound and lap the flywheel to the crank snout this time around. I also usually put a dab of blue threadlocker on the flywheel bolt.

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    The crank snout and the flywheel probably have some old threadlock on them or got a little distorted upon removal. The crank and flywheel need to be "lapped" together with a small bit of valve grinding compound and then clean them off with brakleen. Add a new keyway and attach using permatex sleeve retainer on the mating surfaces. Your flywheel problems will be in the past. Also make sure the bolt isn't stretched and bottoming out before tight.

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