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    2015 Ultra 310x se charging issues

    I just purchased this ski, and took it on its break in run, an hour into it and the low voltage light came on. I brought it back home and the battery read 11.4 volts. I charged the battery to 12.5 volts and took it out again, an hour into the ride another low voltage warning, brought it back home, and again 11.4 volts. Charged the battery again, brought to the auto store for a load check, battery checks good. I put it back in the ski, 12 volts, started the ski, it read 11.5 volts, ran the ski around 5000 rpm for 5 seconds and the meter never moved from 11.5 volts.

    It's under warranty, but half my summer would be gone if I took it to the dealership.

    Am I looking at a voltage regulator/ rectifier, and can I test it ?
    Everything else works great, and the ski ran fine, even with the low voltage.

    Keep in mind i have 2 hours on this ski!!!!

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    Off the battery the positive cable goes to a little relay, check both sides are tight. They were known to come loose. You can also check the round plug, 3 wires in it, comes off the pto cover and usually plugs in right under the throttle body.

    If all those are good, fired it up on the trailer in the water and check the battery with a volt meter. Should be around 13v +/- a little while just over idle rpms

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    Don't take that ski out on the water until you have at least 12.50V while sitting in your ski and like mentioned 13.25V while idling...
    If it's worth the trouble to just spend $100 or convince the dealer to just give you another new battery...

    like mentioned check heck your connections first..

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    I've checked all of the connectors near and on the battery, I'm thinking the battery is fine because it does take a full charge at 12.5 volts with a battery charger, the auto store put a load test on it and it checks good, and while the engine is running the volts do not increase.
    My guess is the stator is fine, because the engine is running fine with the low voltage warning on.

    So that leaves me with the voltage regulator...or a connection in the engine compartment??? And where is the votage regulator?

    Any other thoughts?

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    To the left of the ignition coils just under the seat..

    Refer to your Service/Repair manual for resistance testing or your gonna have the dealer test..
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    All is good, I think it's always important to post the end results, hopefully it'll help someone else. Thanks to Mr. Kawasaki for not plugging in my Voltage regulator, it's a little difficult to charge the battery that way. Another note on that, I had to reroute the wire harness to get it to plug in, and I think it's still a little too tight.

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    nice when it's something simple

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