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    12 volt low warning

    I have a 2006 RXP that is giving me a 12 volt low warning every time i start it up, the engine barely turns over then kicks on , the battery is good and i replaced the starter selinoid but it did not help, does anybody know what it could be?

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    Check your stator, 3 yellow wires that come out of the back of the motor. Unplug I the plug and with the engine running test voltage on the 3 legs. Make sure your meter is set to AC voltage and you should have 24vac to ground. If you have voltage at that plug move to your rectifier and be sure your getting at least 12vdc out of that

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    check small red wire that comes from starter relay that goes to fuse block. seen a few corroded inside the moulded. plastic housing where it screws onto the starter solenoid

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    As others have said, its likely a charging problem, not a starter/solenoid problem.
    Charge the battery using a battery charger and it should start fine , probably with no voltage warnings
    You should be getting 13+ out of your rectifier.
    Sharkdiver, are you sure about the '24v to ground'? Im not familiar with this ski but most 3 phase alternators are floating
    I'd expect a 30-50v AC voltage between any 2 phases


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    this is typically seen on a ski with a poor condition battery.

    The battery goes below the minimum allowable voltage( even for a fraction of a second) during the start and then quickly starts to charge up. Hard on the regulator and your mindset.

    Seadooo skis will always display 12v if there is a poor battery in place. Poor means sulfated, low on electroylyte or with poor connections.

    Had a 4-tec with that exact problem this weekend.

    Turns out the guy had a 14ah motorcycle battery in place of the 30ah battery speced for the 4-tec

    He had just "put a regulator in he bought on ebay" and needed somebody to help him dispute the purchase as defective

    Told him the regulator was fine ( which it was), he balked at the new battery, but I gave him a money back guarantee if it didn't stop the issue.

    Of course, it did.

    Warned him that he'll be lucky to get a season out of his aftermarket regulator, but showed him I have spares on the shelf. He said I can buy three of the ebay regulators for what I want for a seadoo oem.

    I told him to make sure he's close to shore with a paddle with a mindset like that and has tools and the spare regulator with him.

    I added if the regulator fails in the overvoltage mode, he'd be buying some pretty expensive electronics for is ski.

    When it comes to electrics, do it right, or suffer the wrath of Poseidon, who can boil the water out of a lead acid battery with a mere glance.

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    Brand new Deka battery 30 ah installed with voltage reading at 12.54 out of the box.
    About an hour into riding 12 v low displayed with red light flashing. Reading same voltage 12.2 while off and after start no change.
    I assume a bad rectifier? Where are the 30 amp fuses which could be suspect?

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    replace the regulator. Simple

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    Checked the fuses since I wanted to educate myself on where they were... While both checked ok for continuity, the lower one was a bit melted with burnt blades. In comparison to the top one it had no dielectric grease present either.
    I hope maybe that's the issue? If not and if I cannot get a rectifier locally how long is ok to ride on the present non (limited) charging state?

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    Replaced the fuse and put a bit of grease in there, charged the battery which was reading 12.2v. After charge 12.6.
    Started the ski on the lift on no 12v warning yet.
    Measured the voltage - reads 14.24 while running.
    I believe I lucked out? Fixed?

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