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    Won't crank with DESS key??

    Ski was running fine this weekend. Went to start with DESS key and it won't crank at all. Put the learning key on and it starts fine.

    When I put DESS key on post there is 1 long beep. Gauges do normal thing and Maint is displayed. It has shown Maint for several hours but runs fine. Right at 100 hours now. When you push the start button it sounds like the fuel pump starts but nothing else.

    When I put learning key on post two short beeps and L key is displayed. Cranks and starts right up. This pic shows inside of DESS key. Not sure if the prongs should be closer or not.

    Anyone have any thoughts on this?


    05 GTX Natural aspirated.
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    I've got the same problem with my Lerner key, it just stopped working and I have no idea why :/

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    Those tabs that are folded across shouldnt be folded....Take a small screw driver or pick and stand those back up...Or get a new key.

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    when you bend those back up, be real carful or they will break and then you need a new key and programming. Thos tabs make contact with the metal ring on the post. That's one side of the circuit. The center pin is the other side

    That doesn't happen by itself, looks like that key got caught in something big ( like a car door)

    or somebody really messed with you.

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    If you get it to work, make sure you either buy and code a new key or carry your learner key. As Pete said, they are very easily snapped off, especially now they've been bent over so far.

    If you get it working on that key and ride off merrily into the sunset it will end in tears at some ponit, usually miles from anywhere!

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    Thanks for the info and good advice. My son was the last person to ride before the issue. Who knows what happened there.

    Need to to call the dealer I guess. Over straightened the prongs but it still won't crank.

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    do you get any action at all when you put the key on the post?

    let's see what the key looks like after repair

    find an independent shop that can code a key for you. will be cheaper then the dealer ( or should be)

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    This is what my key looks like

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    Should get a new key. A fix still may cause trouble. They're enough trouble when they're not damaged. The dealers are pretty good with giving free keys but have to program it.

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