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    96 SLX. 780 (first start of season, oil out back).

    New plugs, new gas, new oil, fuel filter and oil filter. Everything is snug and good to go. When I started my ski, it was winterized properly by a shop here in town. Anyways when I started it at first I had to charge the battery up good using my 2amp charger anyways it shot oil all out the back. Oil is filled in the container up front but the whole ride plate is covered in oil and spilled all over. Can't tell if a seal is bad, it smoked good out the back and idled fine and it reeved up fine.

    Any thoughts? Wanted to take it out today but looks not to be the case....any thoughts?



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    probrably just all the fogging oil from the winterization if I remember correct the exhaust comes out right above the rideplate

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    X2 on the fogging oil.


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    Cleaned it up for the summer and washed it real good. Started it up and battery turned it right over. Did about a little over a 1/2 throttle rev up to 4500ish and everything was good no oil! all compression is good as well!

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    All around mid 120's across all
    3 cylindersz

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