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Thread: Exhaust leak.

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    Exhaust leak.

    Hi guys,
    i have abit of an erratic idle. We found corrosion on 4 of the pins on the Ecu in connector A. And alittle corrosion on the pins on the TPS sensor plug. We cleaned them up and the ski seemed to idle fine. But after 2 x 20 minute sessions on the water we got the ski back to the ramp and it started to idle erratic again from 1800-2600rpm. We checked the resistance across the pins and wiring and all seemed fine.

    Thats not to rule out it could still be the problem.

    Anyways I noticed I have a small water leak coming out of the J-pipe in the exhaust system. I'm going to get a new clamp and tighten it back down but I just wanted to ask if this could cause the idle to haunt up and down - + 600-800 rpm?

    Im in the process of getting a used engine harness just incase but I just wanted to ask the question?

    Thanks guys

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    Not usually ... usually an exhaust leak will choke off the engine at higher rpms since it will not have enough oxygen under the seat to feed the engine. That usually will not affect idle, but best thing to try if you think you have an exhaust leak is run it with the seat off.

    If it was running fine before and now idle is rough, I would check for water in intake, sticky throttle body, or bad idle control valve. In dead silence you can sometimes here the idle control valve move up and down as you put the key in.

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    Thanks for your reply mate.

    Yes i I can see the exhaust leak coming from where the J-pipe goes into the water box.
    mine is the Gtx ltd 185 sc. I cleaned up the throttle body and I can feel the Icv moving if I put my hand on it and then plug the key in.

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    how many hours on the clock?

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    21 mate but I'm not sure if they are genuine or not. The guy told me they where but for a engine that's only had 18hrs on it since I got it, it looks like it's had a beating as there is marks on the engine hooks as if it's been out before and also the wiring harness looks like it's been messed with and also the steering cable was fitted incorrectly! :/

    ive be just been out and fixed the exhaust leak and started it from cold and I think it's now ok.

    Can yous confirm if this is ok idle? It's not haunting like it did before but it is going down to 1600rpm and up to 1900rpm but mostly 1800 +- 50.

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    Here is the video, can you guys confirm if this is normal idle please.

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