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    95 zxi blown engine

    ok guys i need some help, i just got done with carb problems with this ski and now i believe i have blown the engine due to oil pump fail, i have the block off kit on its way in the mail. today we took it out and it shut off from full speed after about 2 min and then started hard, it then died again, engine was HOT. i towed it back and when i push the start i just hear a click. i pulled the plugs and first and last one looks like rosted light brown and were dry as ever, the center one looked like it had melted aluminum all over it, could not see bottom of plug, shaft from engine to impeller in locked. my question is to what extent do you think this has to be rebuilt, just pistons or what. i do need this ski running, i have no money for new one and as it is worth nothing, i am a full time student and it is for my 15 year old son. please help and thank you all so much.

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    Sorry to hear about your engine.

    It is extremely rare for the oil pump to fail. Far more common is oil lines falling off or getting brittle and cracking. On the 900 and 1100 engines, it's possible for the bearings on the oil pump drive coupling to seize.

    You've had carb problems, so it seems likely that it may have run lean, got hot, and stuck the piston. It's not possible to tell what it will take to fix it until you tear it down. It could just need the cylinders honed and new pistons & rings. It might need to have the cylinders bored oversized and larger pistons installed. If metal got down into the crank bearings, well, that's not good...

    You had somewhat low compression in a previous post, which could be indicative of worn rings. It's possible that a ring came loose or something.

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    ya i am going to start to take it apart and see what damage there is. i may need some help on where to get parts when the time comes.

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    it just makes me so mad, after i fixed the carbs i took it out for about an hour and a half and it ran great, now this.

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    Welcome to the world of pwc.....

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    Sorry for your bad news, I know how you feel, been there, like most of us have.
    its going to need a top end, a set of pistons and probably a bore/hone
    If your lucky all the aluminium shrapnel went up and out the exhaust port, and not down into the bottom end

    oh, and maybe you didnt really fix the carbs... 2 strokes tend to run really good just before they go into meltdown

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    Hi There

    If you need some zxi parts I have a whole ZXI to part out its been sitting for a while but coverd so the parts are in good condition. I even have a full set of carbs if needed.

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    I just finished up an 1100 Zxi that locked up on a rear piston lean seizure. It only needed a hone and new piston.........along with new crank seals.......and a reed cage........a good used parts and labor came to $900.

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    ya I am going to have the cylinders bored out and will order new pistons, this will cost about $500. I got the block off plates for the oil injection that I am going to use. one more question, do these have a water impeller that pulls and pushes water through to cool the engine like a boat, could that have gone and the center cylinder overheat, I cant see where it would be and done know much about it. I figure the reason it happened is because the cylinder got to hot but was it oil or was it because of lack of cooling water?

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    The jet unit is the engine water pump. Sand and other undesirables often get sucked up and block the cooling passages in the engine and exhaust

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