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    95 kawasaki zxi BLOWN engine

    ok guys so this is a different post from mine about my 95 zxi 900 with the carb problems that i fixed but now i think i have bigger problems, i went to take it out today and it was going then stoped, started hard then stoped again, now will not start. i think that the oil pump went (i have the block off kit on its way in the mail) the shaft from the engine to the inpeller is locked, the first and third plug look like a rosted marshamellow and the center plug looks like i dripped sodder all over it, cant see where spark would be looks like melted aluminum on it, there was no crack sound or anything, just stoped. my question is do you thin all i need is to rebuild the top end of the engine, i have never done this before and need some help, i have no money for a new one and i need this to run. thank you all for the help.
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    Wrong side this a Yamaha side post it on the Kawasaki side...

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    ya i posted it to wrong one, sorry

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