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    96 SL780 Misfire @4120 RPM


    I have an SL780 that I bought on Craigslist for $300. After swapping in a new engine, we got it running last fall. I decided to go to my grandparents cabin today and when I launched the boat I found that it would start misfiring at around 4120-4180 RPM. I haven't done anything over the winter, so I have no idea what might have happened.


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    Lots of good information here: Http://

    If it seems to get to about 4k RPM and wont go past, it is likely that it is hitting the internal rev limiter designed to protect the boat if low on fuel, oil, or high on temperature, depending on the model and condition....

    You can test this out by disconnecting the grey wire terminal inside of the EBOX. This controls the limit function.

    Be sure to disconnect the battery prior to opening the box, and be sure to reinstall the plastic battery cover over the battery if your ebox is mounted on top of the battery.
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