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    Bimini trip scheduled 7/6-7/11

    Alright I know this is last minute as it only a little over a month away. We have a group crossing going to bimini leaving 7/6 returning on 7/11. Currently there are 20 boats and 5 skis going. There is more with interest but this is what is confirmed and booked at Bimini Sands right now. If interested let me know and I will get you further details. We are departing and returning from Ft Lauderdale.

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    Id definitely be interested in going. Have a Yamaha fx and have always wanted to do the Bimini run!

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    There is a group doing this run that weekend also. Think it's 29 ski's and 2/3 boats. They are departing on the 10 staying through the 12th.

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