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    Fizzle install and testing on a 2012 RXPX

    I got my Fizzle installed this week. I wound up wanting to run the stock exhaust and resonator, so I ended up using the stock rubber hose from the Fizzle to the throttle body. Everythings fits but I had to cut about 2" from the stock hose at both ends to get things to fit.

    When installing the two water hoses, be sure to get the supply water hose going to the left side of the intercooler as you look from the motor. You end up with the straight hose barb on the upper left. The 90 hose barb is on the lower right. The stock hoses are just fine.

    Here is what the big boost hoses look like, once you get everything trimmed in to fit.

    I will be giving results of the install later. Hint is the boat easily is 150 RPM stronger and that was with the water lines reversed. I need more prop now... With just a Vtech tune and a cold air intake, I am hard on the rev limiter at 8450 on the stock prop. 0-60 is in the 4.1-4.2 sec range. I can bounce the rev limiter now on the hole shot that before the Fizzle, I could not.

    The cooler itself is a piece of art.

    Tech support at Fizzle is amazing fast with email. Most of the time in minutes, not weeks.

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    Which Fizz ICer is this??The HE,1000???

    Also why would you fill from the top up???Wouldnt you want to fill from the bottom up so you push as much air out as you can??I didnt realize those type of ICers had a direction of flow...Me personally I would want the coldest water closest to the hottest air coming in which would put the water feed coming into the right side first...this is just me though..Maybe theres something im missing...School me brother as i am interested in your findings/comments..

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    Whatever one is advertised as for the late skis.

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    Sno James and I spoke about this a few years back and he did testing showing the IC performed better with the cold water going in on the TB side of the IC. and yes this is his HE1000 as the XS style is not going to produce this gain.

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    This intercoler is a double pass style. What this implies is the coldest water needs to be on the down side of the air flow to have the greatest effect. Remember the air cools as it passes thru the cooler.


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    This is the Fizzle F1000 Intercooler and Andy is specifically using the F1000 OEM Upgrade Kit for the T3/S3.

    It is imperative that the cold incoming water from the pump enters the side of the intercooler closest to the throttle body, then the water exits the intercooler on the side of the core closest to the supercharger.

    More details here:
    and here:
    Installation instructions here:

    The Fizzle F1000 Intercoolers are currently on back order by a couple weeks.

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    Here's the product picture:
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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    The pic in the instructions on step 15 thru me and I never questioned it. As soon a James said something, I realized I need to get in there and swap things around.

    We need to add to the instructions a note on the pic "water in here" "water out here" "Air from supercharger in here" and "Air out here, to throttle body"

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    Exhaust hose. I must cut down both sides. Exhaust side 1" - Resonator side 2".
    The stainless steel 2,76" hose is a 15 degree angel hose.
    Fits perfect with no tension on the hose and no contact to other parts.
    But if you are not installing in a suspension ski, you have more room to play and dont need a 15 degree hose.

    For the waterhose I buy two ellbow formed hoses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JFizzleJR View Post
    Here's the product picture:
    aside from needing a mounting bracket for the I/C, would this same kit work for a '12 GTR?

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