normally when I hit start it will turn over and then beep as the computer boots up and says waverunner and the speedometer turns on and goes to 0. I was riding in shallow water (about 3 feet) with tall grass I may have sucked up although I cant see any in the impeller at all. it started running a bit rough and although the throttle was consistent the power varied.. like it was not getting enough fuel maybe. then while in a sharp turn it just died. After that it hasn't started again. It turns over strong but is not sparking. Also, the computer is not beeping and starting up. this seems like the computer isn't working right but when I hit the mode button I can still enter the lock or unlock code and it does beep when doing that. can anyone please point me in the right direction to fix this? I plan to clean the carbs and replace plugs as a starter but I am just a novice and would very much like some help