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    Holy crap...I'm going to Saturday Night Live!

    Not trying to brag here...but I am so happy about this, had to tell someone.

    Taking the wife to NYC this weekend (neither of us have ever been) and we are beyond stoked. I have always wanted to see SNL in person.

    Well, long story short...a former co-worker gave me the fat hookup with some VIP tickets. Going backstage, meet the cast...the works. From what I understand, those tickets are VERY hard to come by.

    The host this week is Alec Baldwin (hopefully they will work the "Schweddi Weiner" joke back in there...still cracks me up), and the musical guest is Shakira. Hopefully she won't get all artsy and try to sing...hopefully she will just shake her rump like she does so well

    I'll try to send some pics when I get back.

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    I think that howard stern is supposed to be on this week or next week too.

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    Thats cool...SNL is HARD to get into!!!!!Go to Letterman....just have to get there early(3:30 ish,they start at 5:30)they only shoot Mon-Thur though...

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    Tell Shakira i said hello

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    I have been to the set of SNL but never when they were taping. Also saw the Conan O'Brien set. Man that set was WAAAY samller than it looks on TV.

    SNL set is set up pretty crazy. They only have 3 stages and sometimes the audience cant see the set because of all the backdrops may block theior view. They have to watch it on the tv's.

    Pretty neat experience though. congrats on the hookup!!

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    Dover, DE... Again :(

    Uncle Jacks Steakhouse
    440 9th Ave

    Bring money, my dinner there 2 weeks ago was $150, but the guy we struck up a conversation with at the table next to us covered the whole thing. I suggest reservations, but they might be able to get you in like they did for us. Best steak i have ever had, and service like you would not believe. Get the porter house for 2, and try their Maryland crab cakes as an apatizer. 95% crab, 5% bread to hold it together.

    Pizza=Johns Pizzeria, 260 W 44th street. Absoloutly awesome.

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    There are great restaurants in New York City. Growing up basically next to it all my life, it's a second or third home for me. There are just too many great restaurants (especially pizzerias) to even list. Just do a google search and you can't fail.

    Just out of curosity, which hotel will you be staying at?

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    Hi Rocket,

    I'll be staying at the Mayfair. Its a small place in the theater district (Broadway and 47th, I think). We have a Frommer's guide to NYC and a Zagat Survey restaurant I'm sure we will find a good place or two to eat.

    We bought something called a City Pass for $53 each that gives us admission to Empire State Bldg, MOMA, Guggenheim, Museuem of Natural History, some Sea-Air-Space museum, and a Manhattan island 2-hour cruise. Touristy, I know...but we have never been so we need to do all that crap.

    I am soooo excited...

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    Thanks for the advice Peetee!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Green Hulk
    Tell Shakira i said hello
    Yeah, I'll tell her when I'm having my after-sex cigarette following the threesome with her and my wife!

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