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    Took my ski out for its first test ride. :)

    Hi guys! As some of you may know I've had quite a few problems with my ski since I bought it.

    First off after warm the engine would idle high around 2500-3000rpm.
    then I read about the problem with the valves! So I took the head off and upgraded the valves.
    .After that the camshaft seized up from a tiny bit of metal chipped away from the rocker shaft ( think this happened when putting in the rocker shaft bolts I must of Caught it on somthing.)

    so then I heard about the problem with the flywheel bolts and plastic steering nuts!
    Damit! If I knew about all these common problems I wouldn't of purchased this ski! Lol

    so I took the engine out and upgraded the flywheel bolts and upgraded the plastic nuts to aluminum ones!

    First start up of the ski after all this and the idle was haunting from 1800-2800rpm! We found that there was a little corrosion on 4 of the Ecu pins on connector A ( I think) we cleaned them Up as best we could then the ski seemed to idle at 1800 -+ 50.

    Now the ski is all back together today we took it for a proper test run!

    I idled around for a few minutes then spent around 10minutes keeping it under 4500rpm. All felt fine!

    i I took it back in after around 15 minutes to check for any water leaks in the hull as I had after all changed all the seals and bellows and steering nuts! All looked fine.
    I then went back out for a further 15-20minutes and done around 4 full throttle Passes in that time, on the 4th run I got an alarm and "HI TEMP" on the cluster! I took it stright back and checked the coolent first and noticed it was only quater full and also noticed there was a small water leak coming from the J - pipe. So I've topped the coolant up and I need to tighten the j-pipe hose clip.

    when I got back home I flushed the ski out and it was haunting again! Last time we checked the pins on the Ecu that had the corrosion we also checked the wires and they where
    showing the correct resistance but I'm starting to think they might still need replaced. Unsure at this point.

    but I feel a lot better today as the engine itself seemed to run fine! And I'd like to thank you all for all your help with all the HELP posts I've posted! I could not of done it without you! Just hope I can fix these last little bits then I think I'll order a whole new supercharger from jerry.

    here are some photos from testing today.

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    Good luck with it mate. Hope you get the last bugs sorted.

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