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    Kawasaki usa help me

    Dear Kawasaki USA I would like to ask a question to you, 'cause if the guarantee is valid for two years and my engine is broken and the Kawasaki Italy does not want to change? , I'll tell you how things went. one Sunday morning with a group of friends decided to go for a ride, made the usual checks (oil on Normal) put the bikes in the water 8:30 in the morning, everything works well we warm up the engine and go for a long run, after about 3 hours of driving (while we were at maximum speed) we had the signal oil pressure, turn off the engine and verify oil level (missing all the oil) where he will be 'finished? They can consume 5.5 liters of iolio where the engine and perfect obviously this engine had some problems. After adding 4 liters of oil. we resume the journey at reduced speed to return home, but after a few kilometers, the motor stops. just returned home to bring kawa 300 dealers and dismantled after the damage occurred and the Kawasaki Italy does not want to recognize it 'cause they think the engine had no oil, I wonder if he had just come out of the oil port would broken, how do you explain that we have found all the oil inside air filter and volumetric intercooler? We also provided the video of these but they will not do warranty. Now we are taking measures giudizziari (with a lawyer) and theirMoreover, he will hire 'a ski at a cost of 140 euro per hour, and if you win' lawsuit against Kawasaki He will become rich. KAWASAKI USA, we would like to solve the problem amicably, so I hope that you will respond to our own and that we could avoid courts and lawyers because these have a cost. Thanks and hope to receive your answer in the shortest possible time, because I would understand if I have to buy another ski or repair this.

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    also I forgot, that Kawasaki Italy after 30 days has not responded to our letter so Iwe are forced to take legal action.

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    " engine is lock , when exit for ride oil is perfect level , after 1hour oil pressure and engine lock no rotate. Have only 72 hours . Air filter have all oil inside , intercooler is full . Thanks "

    This same story you tell different version 3 months ago???

    were did you buy jetski from???
    why is this KAWI USA problem ...... if you import you have NO WARRANTY is risk you take !!


    delete this topic and go threw the correct channels ...... because to threaten ANY OEM will only get them OFFSIDE.

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    Who dismantled the engine? If it was you, then you voided the warranty. If you take to court you will loose case.

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    This ski buy in italy no import usa.

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    Engine removed and open from dealer kawa with workshop kawa.
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    know if any of Kawasaki USA can 'help since the product has 2 years warranty and we would like to avoid acting with lawyers because we are sure to win but flounder' many time before this problem and my friend buy another new bike that is not kawasaki.
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    Samui as you bought it in italy and are in italy then Italian/EU law will prevail, in the UK the contract is with the dealer not manufacturer, SO it is the dealer who sold it to you need to write to not Kawasaki, sorry my italian is not good.

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    Excessive blowby soaked the oil filter and drank the oil? Can these ski's really handle hours of full throttle operation?

    So they dismantled it and decided to void the warranty? That stinks. Wonder why they don't want to do a warranty rebuild? Easy money.

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    Sounds Like you fried a piston using sh it fuel then it pushed out sll the oil.

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