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    what would you do or should i do? 720 gti

    hey everyone, this is my first post here on the forum. ive read a lot of info on here over the past year and feel like im in the right spot. I own a 1999 gti with the 720. im on my 3rd engine (1. original 2. crate that the shop screwed up 3. I built myself) and ive owned this rig for about 8 years. I have always wanted a little more out of it but the performance for the 720 seems a little lacking since the 4 strokes with turbos and superchargers are out.

    I bought a new solas concord 14/22 impellor to put in it and am replacing the bearings also. I plan to run It this year but id like some input from yall. would you look for another ski to upgrade to? modify this engine or look for a later model salvage with a good engine and convert it? im kind of partial to this one bc its paid for and ive worked on it a lot. im a little bit of a gear head so I would be willing to take on the conversion if its feasible.

    I look forward to hearing from some of you and learning the ropes of the forum.


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    Don't mod it!! you won't get much gain out of it. I would say either keep it an ride it, or sell it and upgrade. I wouldn't attempt a conversion either. With the money you would spend converting yours to a 785, or a 951, you could buy a newer ski. Look for a decent four stroke or a well cared for two stroke. Sell yours while its worth something. I've got several skis that I'm attached to that I should have sold years ago before they lost all value.

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    yea I book valued mine the other day and it only came back with 1800.00 and that just seems a little low. id rather keep it and let the family ride it since ive been through it and buy a newer one for playing. just thought id ask someone who actually deals with these rigs more often.

    thanks for your input Pacer!!

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    the best way to get more out of an old two stroke?

    lose 20 pounds

    the speed gains are enormous.

    In all seriousness the cost/performance curve just isn't there on old two strokes.

    Enjoy her for what she is and if you want far more speed and power, go with something appropriate

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    I put my new solas impeller in and replaced all bearings in the propulsion unit. went ahead and put a new wear ring in too. my old one didn't look bad at first but then I found 2 or 3 big holes in it and it was pretty rough. so hopefully this will help with the rig some this year.

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