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    Cooling suggestions/recommendations


    I am installing a Fizzle IC and it requires a dedicated water line. I am also installing the Riva Engine Cooling kit. I have a dual outlet and single outlet pump strainer that I can use to feed them. My question is should I go with a single 1/2" line and "T" it off to both the Fizzle and Riva Engine Cooling kit? Is that enough cooling for the Fizzle and Oil Cooler (Riva Engine Cooling Kit) or should each of them have a dedicated 1/2" line? I don't want to drill more holes than what I have to.


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    Got done installing the Fizzle last night. What a PITA. No suggestions yet? I am trying to avoid GIO so maybe I should not have a dedicated line to the oil cooler?

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    I copied the Riva kit with one line going to the IC with the tee to feed the oil cooler and it seemed fine on my old fz with the LB setup.

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