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    How reliable is a 2006 Yamaha XLT FX Cruiser?

    Hey, I've been looking into getting my first ski, and I found a Yamaha FX XLT Cruiser 2006 for sale on craigslist and I was wondering if anyone has ever had problems with this ski, and if it is a fast, reliable ski for a first time buyer. Thanks guys! <3

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    A what ? 2006 Yamaha FX (and FX cruiser) is a 4 stroke. The XLT model is a 2-stroke, but Yamaha did not make a 2006 XLT.
    So know what you are getting first! There is no such thing as any year Yamaha FX XLT Cruiser (Unless someone Frankensteined something together ) A 2006 Yamaha FX Cruiser is very reliable but there are many things to check and maintain. How any hours? Used in salt water? Was it maintained? Others on here will chime in.

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