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    Lightbulb Limp home wire

    I have a 2006 stx 900 jet ski i need to know if anyone on here knows what wire i can disconnect the limp home mode. Called dealers they have no clue. Dont thjink they know how to read a wire diagram. Cant buy a clymer book i have no warnings but this pos is going in limp mode after 10 minutes. Loosing spark number 1 plug,bought a new coil same thing new engine, went threw the carbs ohmed stator, coils,fuel pump filter did everthing except change ignitor. They want 550 for new ignitor any help out there thanks this ski runs perfect for 10 minutes then 4,000 rpms let it cool down overnight runs perfect 10 minutes then 4k rpms thanks keith helpppppp

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    did a google search, and as suspected its likely a temp issue. Not many other sensors on a old stx
    Water coming out of the pisser?

    You could disconnect the temp sensor , but do this at your own peril as if you really do have a cooling system problem, you'll kill your engine.
    I tested my stx1100 sensor on the stove

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    Agreed, if it runs good for 10 minutes then falls on it's face, it's probably overheating. Could be a tank vent problem, could be an exhaust leak in the hull, but I'm leaning toward overheat.

    Don't know why you can't find a service manual, Ebay lists over 100 of them.

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    cheap enuf to just try one if u r in the states

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