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    waverunner gp1200 rebuild

    Hi all, decided to throw up a thread on the rebuild i did and another one going on at the moment.
    Some of you may remember me when i threw up the introduction thread last year when i bought 2 non running waverunners, a blue and black one.

    I started with the blue one, it had serious engine damage

    Got new pistons for it, new sleeves, rebuilt crank, head and block skimmed and a new set of gaskets

    Also made 2 small videos of it running, first start up and first time on water, everything went well. then i sold it last week so i could fix up the black one

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    Now im in the middle of rebuilding the black one.
    Its completely stripped gonna respray it since it was painted with a paintbrush, loads of streaks left in it.

    Took the carbs apart and cleaned them out.
    There were 2 transparent plastic one way type valves in each of them and one in each carb was damaged, would anyone know the name of them and where i might be able to purchase them or can i cut out my own from the hard to open plastic packaging?

    both reed petals were damaged on one of the reed valves, the other 2 are grand, i may have them sourced.

    Old block and sleeves were completely destroyed so i got block with new sleeves, pistons and gaskets.
    still need the gasket that goes around reed valves and the small one that goes in the exhaust if anyone has them for sale please let me know.

    One of the con rods went out through the bottom of the crank case so ill have to weld the hole

    The crank i have isnt much good its easier to get a complete one, if anyone has one let me know. thanks.

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    Good luck with the build. Looks like you're getting things sorted. Any color combos you have in mind?

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    Did a little bit of welding on the bottom of crank case where the conrod broke out...

    Thanks prism im going for black and gold theme same as my car, pics below might explain better.

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    That'll be pretty cool. Almost like the color scheme for the 06/07 GPR's. Never saw a GP hull in those it looks pretty sinister.

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    Yeah actually will be similar to the gpr.
    I'm still sanding it took everything out of the hull.
    And still trying to get a crank.

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    Great build ! always good to see abandoned projects reborn.keep up the great work. Did you tig weld the case?

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    Updates please?

    I am doing a similar project, just not so far into it.

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    waverunner gp1200 rebuild

    Hey sorry forgot all about this thread.
    Yes tig welded Aluminium.
    Ended up building the engine and put it into a Waverunner xl1200 hull which I picked up handy.
    Brand new Pistons block and reconditioned crank from ebay only put about an hour on it this summer that's it.

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    waverunner gp1200 rebuild

    Click image for larger version. 

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