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    My new (used) 2008 Ultra LX - Previous owner flushing method concern

    Just bought my first PWC, a used 2008 Kawasaki Ultra LX. It's in great condition from what I have checked out. I have decent mechanical aptitude so I wasn't shy about tearing things apart to check it out, including a compression test which came out fine.

    I was checking out the prop condition when water started coming out and I noticed the engine wasn't running yet. I quickly removed the hose while telling them to turn it off. We then had a discussion about the proper process for running water through. I pulled up the manual and backed up my point with the manual. Apparently they have always flushed it this way (water first, then turn on engine) even though it has only been about 5 times since its never been used in salt water. They swear they have been told to do that by "everyone".

    Everything ran perfect, oil was great, engine was spotless and the old owner was meticulous by the look of their property/garage. They had maintenance records too. They just did their own winterizing.

    Finally to the question:

    So being new to the PWC engine workings, from what I can understand is that running water without the engine running "could" cause damage IF the attached hose has a high pressure (higher than the PWC pump) and there is a potential leak somewhere.
    If it has caused damage, is it immediately noticed? Would I have been able to tell (hydrolocked)? Do they only put that sequence of events in place (engine first water second) in the event the water pressure is high and their is a bad seal somewhere?


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    If compression is good & no water in the oil,(milky looking) the ski should be fine, turning the water on first will not damage seals, the reason is turning the water on first will fill up the exhaust system which will then push back into the cylinders through the open exhaust valves, which could hydro lock the engine & force water into the crankcase, it doesn't happen instantly, depending on the ski & the water pressure it may take 10-60 seconds for this to happen. As long as the ski runs well & has clean oil it should be fine.

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    Dont stress on the water process the manual makes it plain and simple for everyone. You can turn the hose on first but as long as you then start the ski. Waiting any longer than 30sec to 1min could potentially do as explained above. I often do mine this way you just need to be aware and know how things work if that makes sense.

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    While I'm a big believer of no water unless the engine is running, I'd be more concerned about turning the water off before shutting off the engine. If they turn off the engine first, and forget about the water, well....

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