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    Rxp-x 255 exhaust questions

    Hi everyone i hate to start another thread about this but I have searched all over the site and can't find what I need. I just bought the riva thru hull kit and heard you could get around buying the ridiculous 500 dollar kit to move the intercooler. Well I can't see how that's possible and was wondering if anyone knows if changing the waterbox to aftermarket like tdr or riva would help me get around the stock location of the intercooler.

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    Dang does anyone know? I'm in desperate need of some help here guys!

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    Idk why you would need to move the intercooler . However if you do . Nbd go on silicon intakes . Com and order some couplers and pipes and tbolt clamps . Spend around 100 bucks and your intercooler will be moved to the same spot riva pits there's

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    It is right in the way of the riva thru hull pipe. Would changing to a aftermarket waterbox prevent me from having to move the intercooler?

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    The box is the same other than being about 6 inches shorter and having a longer next to keep it further away from the s/c. It wont make any diffence

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    Ok that's what I was dreading to hear but thank you

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