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    Question Spark sub issues?

    Hey yall. Just got the spark yesterday and reading through the manual, I noticed it talked about tight turns and other special maneuvers (plunging bow through waves). Anyone done subs with it? If so, any issues? I don't intended to just sub it fully. But when one of my kids are riding with me, they love it when I do some tight turns. My other skis would dive a bit and wall of water would come over us. I haven't had chance yet to really ride it, plus I wont do anything harsh on it till the 5hr break in it says in the manual. Thanks for any feedback.

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    Unless you are 400 lbs then you will struggle to sub it.

    It's too buoyant. Easier to jump it

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    Ok, sounds good. When I said I haven't been able to really ride it, i did get about 2 minutes on it when I got it home yesterday and I was able to spin 180 and bow dove in the water a bit, which I wasn't really even getting on it. I wanted to see how it felt compared to my other skis. Thats why I was asking as it felt just like my waveraider 1100 that I can get a massive wall of water to shoot over us. I probably shouldn't use the work sub, as its not being fully put under, but more of the bow dives in a bit and water would get above the mid area of the bow and then soak us.

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    My kids are the same. I can pretty much get mine underwater . daughter and me be 100kgs. You'll have a heap of fun .

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    Take it to full speed and jam on the reverse. You'll get the nose under, and get wet. Kids will love it.

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