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    Post Coolant Temp Sensor 2005 Seadoo Sportster SC

    Well this is part two. When I bought the boat the CTS was melted down to almost nothing. I replaced it and the boat has been running great for the last 2 summers. This year on the first trip, I got a check engine light, Took it to the dealer and they did say it was the code for the CTS. They said the CTS is not running at spec. The boat seems to run fine. The dealer has the computer, but has never worke on boats and only sold PWCs. There are about 20 generic CTS parts online that fit the part number 278001016.
    Buying After market ok? Should I be worried my boat seems to eat through these sensors every year or just keep replacing them. They run about $30 on ebay.



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    Whens the last time you changed the coolant?

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