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    Real Review: EZ Throttle Sea-Doo iTC Trigger Extension (Gallery)

    Those of our more studious readers will recognize that a review of Ron Ripple’s EZ Throttle was conducted by The Watercraft Journal’s correspondent and Jetski Junkies’ own Kev Hemingway back in November of last year. While much of this installation and review article will echo Kev’s previous story, we felt it pertinent to compose a second article for two reasons: 1) Kev’s installation was on a Kawasaki and Yamaha, so it felt appropriate to try one on a Sea-Doo, and 2) we were planning on putting some serious hours on this RXT-X 260, and wanted to see if the EZ Throttle was really all it was cracked up to be.

    The EZ Throttle is targeted, primarily, at long-distance riders or those with joint ailments who find their hands cramping up while maintaining throttle. Holding the throttle steadily open at any extended length of time can cause fatigue in the index finger, hand, wrist and even forearm as lactic acid begins to swell in hand muscles and sensitive joints. The EZ Throttle, by comparison, extends the throttle trigger the length of the hand grip, allowing the rider to use all four fingers (or rotate between them) while riding.

    More at WatercraftJournal.Com
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