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    getting ready to change sc washers.....

    I read recently that riva is coming out with a so called new and improved washers. Should i wait and get those or go ahead and get them from jerry?

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    Get them from Jerry. There is no PROOF that RIVA has better ones coming. Plus, he's our site provider

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    i second mr. jfizzle

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    My washers have been working great for us for a year now with not a single issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Green Hulk View Post
    My washers have been working great for us for a year now with not a single issue.
    According to UPS, my package just left TX.

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    ok!! jerry it is.. jerry i will be sending you my sc from an 04 gtx sc prob within the next couple days to have you install the washers and bearings..

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