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    XL1200 intermittent no power (electrical)

    I have a 98 XL1200 with intermittent no electrical power.

    At the end of last year the ski started having a problem where I would shut it off and when I went to restart it there was nothing. No dash lights or anything. After a few minutes I could get power back and get it started.

    So I put it away for the winter and this spring I tested it in my garage and it started every time so I figured it was a fluke. Well When I went to launch it for the 1st time it didn't have any power at all again and I couldn't get it started t all. Battery is newer and jumper cables did nothing.

    I guess my question is if anyones had this problem before or even knows where I should start looking to fix it.

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    Check for corrosion at ground wire. Check fuse in the electrical box. Unhook stop switch and check connections and continuity of the switch itself. And check out a wiring schematic. If I remember correctly the gauges must power up to bring ignition power on. Therefore if the gauges are taking a dump maybe the you aren't powering up the ignition??

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